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XF 200 Flight Seat

XF 200 Flight Seat

XFLIGHT 200 flight chassis designed to use joystick flight control systems as well as desktop flight consoles.

The XF200 Flight Seat is our entry level flight seat which provides a research platform with a very compact footprint allowing students and academics to implement flight modelling tests with integrated software and hardware. In University Research programs, this station can be used for Aeronautical use when combined with a one of our many Flight Consoles, Rudder Pedals and external visual systems, (single monitor up to 65", multi monitor 3/4 x 32" or external projection screen) providing a perfect environment for exploring minds.

You can also configure your XF 200, can integrate with yokes, joysticks, side sticks, rudder pedals, sound system and is also adaptable to be used as a driving simulator with motor vehicles, trucks, military vehicles. As a control station, the range of uses can also extend to Oceanic uses of driving submersibles and surface shipping. The uses of this platform are tenfold.

This system can be supplied as a basic seat or can include all components including PC, Controls and Visuals.

Areas for use include:

Flight Training/UAV / Flight Modelling / Data Analysis / Submariner / Surface Vehicles and shipping / Military Research / Motor Vehicle Driving and testing/ Rotorcraft

The solid steel chassis can adapt to varying setups and configurations.

Compatibility with the following typical setup:

Pro flight YOKE system, Throttle quadrant, Rudder pedal. / or Saitek X56, Warthog Stick and throttle, Rudder pedals
2.1 surround sound system.
Aircraft control panels on monitors.
Triple monitor system for a wider view.
Mid size PC on chassis.
Wireless keyboard and mouse.

Compatible with television or projection.

Price: 5,995.00 (5,995.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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