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Air Ambulance Services List
Air Ambulance Services List - view 1Air Ambulance Services List - view 2Air Ambulance Services List - view 3Air Ambulance Services List - view 4Air Ambulance Services List - view 5Air Ambulance Services List - view 6Air Ambulance Services List - view 7Air Ambulance Services List - view 8Air Ambulance Services List - view 9Air Ambulance Services List - view 10Air Ambulance Services List - view 11

Air Ambulance Services List

We offer a personalised flight simulator to suit your own helicopter livery. As you can see, we have already prepared a number of helicopters based upon the regular HEMS types including Airbus H135, Airbus H145, Augusta Westland A109 / AW139 / AW159, Bell B412, AS355, MD902

Please contact us for more details and other Helicopter Models.

NB. Important Note that the liveries shown in the photos above may not be a totally accurate representation of the specific Air Ambulance Service.

The list above may not be complete, please revisit this page for further updates.

Helicopter Simulator
Helicopter Simulator - view 1Helicopter Simulator - view 2Helicopter Simulator - view 3Helicopter Simulator - view 4Helicopter Simulator - view 5Helicopter Simulator - view 6Helicopter Simulator - view 7Helicopter Simulator - view 8Helicopter Simulator - view 9Helicopter Simulator - view 10Helicopter Simulator - view 11

Helicopter Simulator

We offer a range of different simulators specifically aimed at Air Ambulance services within the UK and Europe. Using one of our devices to help raise funds and public awareness to the aims and achievements of the Charity.

There is no better way for the public to appreciate the good work which is carried out by our Air Ambulance Services than to have a go in one of the immersive simulators.

Our devices are affordable and can be as basic or as elaborate as your budget will allow.

This concept has already proven successful for many of our charity customers.

For more details, please get in touch.

Email: sales@flight-simulators.co.uk

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