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Flight Simulator Experience
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Flight Simulator Experience

>!Opening Soon!<

Flight Simulator experience flights are based in Norwich.

We provide access to a variety of cutting-edge flight simulators, available both with and without instruction, at an affordable price. Our aim is to facilitate comprehensive learning, enjoyable flying lessons, and memorable experiences without burdening your finances. Unlike comparable fixed-based simulators that charge over twice our rates, we ensure accessible pricing. Additionally, we offer complimentary Tea, Coffee, and Chilled Juice to enhance your experience. Considering the nature of flight simulator bookings, we maintain flexible operating hours to accommodate your schedule whenever feasible. Feel free to explore our bookings page or reach out via email if you have any specific requirements or need tailored days/times to suit your preferences before making a reservation.

Suitable for Adults and Children Ages 7+

All under 16`s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Flying Times - By appointment<<strong>><</strong>>!!

30, 60, 90 & 120-mins flights in the simulator

Fly the Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II Fighter, Airbus AS350 Helicopter, Augusta AW139 Helicopter or a Cessna C172 Training Aircraft

Realistic True Earth visual system.

Operated close to Norwich Airport. More details to follow soon.

Email to: FSSS@flight-simulators.co.uk<</span>>!!

Located at St Giles Hotel, Norwich City Centre, and close to the Airport

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