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Solo G1 (G1000 Panel)

Solo G1 (G1000 Panel)
Solo G1 (G1000 Panel) - view 1Solo G1 (G1000 Panel) - view 2Solo G1 (G1000 Panel) - view 3Solo G1 (G1000 Panel) - view 4Solo G1 (G1000 Panel) - view 5Solo G1 (G1000 Panel) - view 6Solo G1 (G1000 Panel) - view 7

Finally, our SOLO G1, it feels like flying the real thing! Complete Flight Panel with our G1000 Panels + Audio panel, plug and fly!

SOLO G1 is our G1000 flight panel part of an AATD Flight Simulator and it is the ultimate piece of equipment to train your pilots before they fly the real thing!

This high fidelity Flight panel training device which includes the following:

* Yoko flight control - * V3RNIO "TPM" (Throttle, Propeller, Mixture) - * It can come with the VF COMPASS, a digital compass made by Virtual Fly that attaches on top of the flight panel - * Complete G1000 PANEL AND AUDIO PANEL A/P integrated - Starting Engine key and Master ALT/BAT switch - Glareshield light.
Ready to fly with the following aircraft

Cessna C172SP Skyhawk - Cessna Skyline II RG R182 - Cessna T206


• Plug and Fly Technology: Connect the coms cables to your computer with MFS/Prepar3D, install the drivers and fly!
• Processor included processing all panel indicators of the plane, radiostack, switches and GPS, with a high fps.
• No need of improving your computer. You may use your MFS/Prepar3D computer only for add-ons and scenarios
• Easy installation. You only need some minutes
• Forget the mouse to start the engines, tune in radios and any other operation within the aircraft.
• The prices includes all remote assistance needed to get the product up and running.

Technical Description
Analogue indicators:
G1000 COMPLETE PANEL AND AUDIO PANEL, identical to the real one, uses F1TECH software to run
Starting Engine Key of 5 real aviation positions, Master ALT/BAT, Parking brake, flaps, elevator and rudder trim wheels, fuel selector, Cowlflaps, avionics, fuel pump, pitotheat, BCN- LAND-TAXI-NAV-STROBE lights, carburetor heat, Alt Static Air, landing gear, circuit breakers (non functional) , panel light (GlareshieldLT).
Flight Controls:
V3RNIO TPM (Throttle, Propeller, Mixture).


We are able to provide the same system on a Pilot Deck seat unit to accommodate PC, Keyboard & Mouse, 1-3 TV screens. Please ask for further details....

Price: 16,450.00 (16,450.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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