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Schweizer S300 Helicopter Simulator

Schweizer S300 Helicopter Simulator
Schweizer Dual Seat Cockpit Trainer, Schweizer S300Schweizer S300 Helicopter Simulator - view 2Schweizer S300 Helicopter Simulator - view 3Schweizer S300 Helicopter Simulator - view 4Schweizer S300 Helicopter Simulator - view 5Schweizer S300 Helicopter Simulator - view 6Schweizer S300 Helicopter Simulator - view 7

Schweizer S300 BCi Dual Trainer Simulator

A new addition for 2021 the flight school for Ab Initio Helicopter pilot training.

Schweizer S300 Cockpit Shell (Length 200cm, Width 130cm, Height 180cm
Width of Skid Landing Gear 200cm)
Avionic Panel
Schweizer S300 Collective (fully functional)
Authentic Cyclic Sticks
Torque Pedals

Main Panel Includes the following instruments and items:

Manifold pressure
Airspeed indicator
Turn coordinator
Direction indicator
Vertical Speed indicator
Fuel tank quantity indicator
Fuel pressure indicator
Cylinder head temperature indicator
Engine oil pressure indicator
Engine oil temperature indicator
Fuel pump switch
Magneto switch
Clutch disengaged annunciator
Rotor clutch switch
Altinator ON- Off switch
Engine mixture lever
Battery switch

Pricing is dependent on options and chosen visual system

Contact us for further details.

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