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Quad Monitor Mount

Quad Monitor Mount
Quad Monitor Mount - view 1Quad Monitor Mount - view 2Quad Monitor Mount - view 3Quad Monitor Mount - view 4

* All electronics are optional extras

Black Anodized Aluminium Sim-Rig Integrated Quad Monitor Stand
For 4 Monitors and TVs up to 45"
Trak Racer Monitor Stands suit most monitors on the market with VESA Mounting Points (75/100/150/200mm) and come with a 3-year warranty. Enhance your gaming, entertainment or business experience with the premium monitor stand from Trak Racer.

Designed to be mounted directly onto an extruded aluminium sim rig with 2 or more rows of T-Slot. Adjustable in height, bracket width and back/forward to allow the monitors to be positioned to the perfect position.

Get Full Gaming Immersion!
Ideal for Flight Simulation with Commercial Jet layouts, Motor racing

Trak Racer's Integrated Quad (4) Monitor Stands hold monitors or TVs up to 45" and are built to the same high-end build that Trak Racer is renowned for.
- Universal One Size Fits All design makes this monitor stand suitable for 3 x 45" displays when used as a quad holder. The display will depend on the mounting points on the back of the display.
- Universal and fully adjustable for most extruded aluminium T-Slot Cockpits
- Fully Adjustable allows you to adjust the bracket width and display height
- Angle Adjustment of monitor/s
- Strong 80mm x 40mm Extruded Aluminium Construction
- Solid rig-mounted brackets
- Angle Adjustment on VESA Mount
- Built to the high-quality standard as all Trak Racer products
- Easy Setup

Note. The centre monitor profile is 1200mm long. You can use it as is, or with a dropsaw cut it down to size as required.

Width: 2360mm (when fully extended)
Depth: 600mm

75mm x 75mm
100mm x 100mm and 100mm x 200mm
150mm x 150mm
200mm x 100mm and 200mm x 200mm
Note. Larger sizes available with additional mount

- Trak Racer 8mm thick mounting brackets and fixing screws/nuts
- 4 x VESA Mounting Plate and fixing screws/nuts
- Trak Racer 80mm x 40mm Aluminium Quad Monitor Ready Frame

The upgraded Aluminium Trak Racer monitor stands are not just better looking than their competition but they are also more adjustable. The stands feature multi-adjustment of the vertical angle of the monitors and full adjustment slide on the horizontal.
Our stands are inspired by our cockpits and designed for maximum stability and strength. Each stand comes from quality core materials, unparalleled craftsmanship, and state of the art manufacturing processes.

Price: 525.00 (525.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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