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Grob Simulator

Grob Simulator

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Our newest simulator designed around the needs of Cadet Squadrons and Military Training Operators.

Aircraft Types & Variants

Grob 120T
Grob Tutor G115E
Grob Tutor G115D
Grob G109 (Vigilant)
Grob G109 (Able)
Grob G103 (Viking)

Our simulator has been designed to offer a choice of Left Seat Pilot / Right Seat Pilot / Dual Seat Pilot

Centre Floor Stick with buttons/trim
Centre Console for Throttle, Propellor Pitch, Mixture,
Trim Wheel & Indicator
Flaps & Flap Indicator

Radio Stack
Audio Panel
Comm/Nav Module

We can offer multifunctional capability to include as many of the aircraft listed above with optional fully functioning masks and rotary dials and switches.

The device shown here demonstrates a removeable Air Brake which can be used when simulating the Grob G109 and the Grob G103.

Avionics layouts can be tailored to Standard Instruments or Glass Cockpit Instruments including the Garmin G3X or Garmin G5 as available with the Grob G109 (Able)

Contact us for more details.

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