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G1000 Home System Trainer

G1000 Home System Trainer

The unique G1000 Homesystem is a 100% scale replica of a popular Glass Cockpit System as found in many modern aircraft.
The display functionality is supported by Microsoft's Flight Simulator FSX and (with additional software packages from third parties) Lockheed Martin Prepar3d.

Body and Module Frame:

One of the first things you will notice is the slightly different appearance of the frame and bezel. We changed the material from a regular soft plastic to a double layer of 1/4 inch hard acrylic. We also changed the color type to a high quality multi quotes color paint. The change of the bezel and material was a must for us in order to be able to install the high quality monitor (see below)


As mentioned in the previous section, we changed the monitor from the regular low resolution monitor to a high quality, high resolution monitor. This change occurred as a result of several requests from our customers, who wished to extract different data to the monitor of the G1000 screen, i.e. different data from different airplanes.

In addition, the monitor installed in the new G1000 system gives you more connection options: DVI, HDMI, VGA, and even USB!!! You just need to notify us when purchasing. (We can also provide adaptors at extra charge.)

Buttons and knobs:

You may have noticed that we did not change the knobs but stayed with the exactly identical knobs as in the real G1000. However, we did update the mechanism for it to be much more responsive and reliable.

All buttons, knobs and push knobs can be programmed to any command you need or desire under 1 USB board. We can also provide custom made buttons upon request. (Please notify us at checkout.)

Cessna 172:

This G1000 system can be installed in our Version 2 Cessna (item number 181718807152).

Package includes:

- G1000 MFD
- G1000 PFD
- G1000 Audio control
- Preprogram and installed USB board
- Buttons
- G1000 knobs

Price: 3,250.00 (3,250.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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