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Desktop University Engineering Simulator

Desktop University Engineering Simulator
Desktop University Engineering Simulator - view 1Desktop University Engineering Simulator - view 2Desktop University Engineering Simulator - view 3Desktop University Engineering Simulator - view 4Desktop University Engineering Simulator - view 5Desktop University Engineering Simulator - view 6Desktop University Engineering Simulator - view 7Desktop University Engineering Simulator - view 8Desktop University Engineering Simulator - view 9Desktop University Engineering Simulator - view 10Desktop University Engineering Simulator - view 11

We are offering a more simple Desktop version of our engineering simulator for Universities and colleges. With a choice of interchangeable controls to give flexibility in any type of craft including SEP, MEP, Turboprop Aircraft, Rotary Wing Helicopters and gyros, UAV's and Drones with a new addition of Spacecraft. Our software can offer a wide choice of vehicles for students to work with.

Integrating with Matlab, Simulink and FlightGear, this device will work alongside other simulators within the same airspace.

Our engineering software has been developed to offer a modular and flexible solution to allow for budgetary constraints and limtations.

This system can be used to give students the opportunities to showcase their concept designs and test their performance in realtime while recording data for research and development.

Optional software modules will give interoperbility and consistency between devices so that students are familiar on each of our platforms to include the NYASim PI-145U simulator and the NYASim S311U simulator ranges.

Together with our cooperation partner Nyaben Flight Dynamics, we have developed a brand new, cost effective unique flight simulator developed specifically for Universities, colleges and high schools, with dual use capabilities. The Desktop Unit can also be used in a proper flight school environment, as a full fledge synthetic flight training device.


CONNECTIVITY: The NYASIM S311U can communicate via WiFi with an iPAD running EFB apps such as Garmin Pilot, SkyDemon, ForeFlight, OZRunways, SkyCharts as well as other Electronic Flight Bag software. In addition, the Desktop devices can be connected to the SimControl remote instructor station, which also runs on an Apple iPAD. The pairing is established via WLAN (additional hardware for WLAN is required and an Apple iPAD). The NYASIM Portion of the software will require MATLAB to run, however most, if not all university customers will already have a MATLAB license inhouse.

The NYASIM S311U flight simulator is the perfect tool for any University, college or highschool
with an aviation program. It enables the customer to expand his Aviation program to a new dimension by offering the students a more hands-on approach, enabling students to test fly their own creation. In addition, the desktop unit is a low cost training device for IFR and VFR training with FAA approval as AATD. Due to its compact design, it requires a very small footprint. The newly developed, ergonomic cockpit enclosure with windows further enhances the immersion factor for the pilot.

The large, optionally extendable, side view screens (135° per side = total 270°) and the realistic
visual sceneries allow for new training possibilities. A remote instructor station which interfaces
to applications such as Foreflight and other electronic flight bag packages, is also available.

Visual Options can include Single or Triple Channel Projection Screens as well as a more immersive Dome Projection System

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