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Boeing B737-400 Simulator

Boeing B737-400 Simulator
Boeing B737-400 FSTD, Boeing B737 FNPTIIBoeing B737-400 Simulator - view 2Boeing B737-400 Simulator - view 3Boeing B737-400 Simulator - view 4Boeing B737-400 Simulator - view 5Boeing B737-400 Simulator - view 6Boeing B737-400 Simulator - view 7Boeing B737-400 Simulator - view 8Boeing B737-400 Simulator - view 9Boeing B737-400 Simulator - view 10Boeing B737-400 Simulator - view 11

Boeing B737-400 manufactured by Frasca International

Due in shortly

Fully Professional Flight Simulator currently approved as an FNPTII MCC.

The device is mounted on a Moog Motion Platform which can be reconfigured to work with the simulator to provide an FSTD Capability, but it will need to be fully serviced to be operational.

Used extensively for ATPL Training, this device offers any flight school an affordable solution when looking to implement ATPL Training within their own FTO.

Evaluation Report is available by clicking the following link....

We would be happy to supply this simulator as an FNPTII MCC certified device without the Motion System attached to provide a more simple training unit working in a much smaller footprint.

Alternatively, the device can be supplied as seen, with necessary work carried out to re-introduce the motion system. (A Re-Valuation/Certification will be required)

Contact us for further details.

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