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Alsim G-Sim 30S BITD

Alsim G-Sim 30S BITD
Alsim G-Sim 30S BITD - view 1Alsim G-Sim 30S BITD - view 2Alsim G-Sim 30S BITD - view 3Alsim G-Sim 30S BITD - view 4Alsim G-Sim 30S BITD - view 5Alsim G-Sim 30S BITD - view 6

This is an opportunity to purchase the Alsim G-Sim BITD Training Device (Fully Refurbished)

Compact floor plan ensures that this device will fit into the smallest of spaces. Ideal when used within a University or College environment.
Configured as a generic single engine piston aircraft (Socata TB20 and Robin DR400)

Single Seat Cockpit with single channel projection system and screen

G-Sim 30S Features
- Single-seater cockpit with adjustable seat.
- Exterior display system on Single Channel Projection Flat Screen
- 180° Projection Screen (Optional Extra)
- Handle with depth compensator.
- Lifter with brakes.
- Dashboard with VFR instrumentation (IFR option).
- Autopilot.
- Single engine type flight model.
- Instructor station on Laptop PC.
- Dimension with standard visual: 3.00 (L) x 1.90 (W) x 2.00 (H) m.
- Dimension with 180° visual: 3.00 (L) x 3.30 (W) x 2.70 (H) m.
- Configured Robin DR400 & Socata TB20 (generic Single Engine Piston)
- JAR-STD4A standard.

Credits Available (Subject to Aviation Authority Approval)

EASA Credits
Log 5 hrs toward PPL
Log 5 hrs instrument training toward CPL (Modular)
FAA Credits
Log 2.5 Hrs towards the PRIVATE
Log 20 Hrs towards the INSTRUMENT
Log 25 Hrs toward the ATP
Log 50 Hrs toward the COMMERCIAL
Recent Flight Experience (maintain currency)
Instrument Proficiency Check (partial)
Instrument Practical Test (partial)

Price: 36,000.00 (36,000.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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