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3DOF Systems (3 Degrees of Freedom)

3DOF Systems (3 Degrees of Freedom)

The CKAS “U” series motion platforms / systems are the best compromise motion systems offered by CKAS Mechatronics and these units are all fully professional, 3DOF electric, high fidelity synergistic motion platforms / systems. These units are the “best value” solution to any motion simulator application - providing more reliability, performance and features than those available on motion system costing many times the price.

Some of the more common applications for 3DOF Motion Platforms / Systems include:

Mid Fidelity Flight Trainers and Simulators for Aviation training
Serious Driving and mining simulators
Advanced University and Research Simulators (vehicle or flight)
Military vehicle and flight training simulators
Serious home cockpits

CKAS 3DOF Motion Platform units have been developed under the most stringent academic and professional design guidelines, to offer the highest fidelity motion systems, for the highest demand applications, at the best value

The key difference between CKAS 3DOF motion platforms / systems and other units on the market, is “design intent”. The CKAS units have been engineered specifically to be used as “Simulators” – not “rides”. This means that our washout algorithms, our controller architecture, and our mechanism design have all been refined to create the highest fidelity possible at an incredible value price point. The CKAS 3DOF design is a "floating centre" architecture, unlike many competitive units on the market which feature a low rigidity "sliding joint" design. The CKAS architecture has been refined heavily to provide the best possible fidelity for a 3DOF motion system.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the CKAS 3DOF motion platform units cannot be used in ride and entertainment applications. On the contrary, these units offer incredible performance / cost ratio, and the resultant customer experience is supreme.

As with all revolutionary products, CKAS are providing more performance, for lower cost, and extremely limited maintenance requirements, making the CKAS 3DOF motion platforms perfect for ANY low to mid fidelity application.

As with all our Generation III capable motion systems, the U Series units have real-time Reverse Kinematics, Forward Kinematics and Full featured Washout Cueing Filters all completely "on-board" meaning that any client application can operate these systems at even the "vehicle acceleration" level completely independent of any other software (See Gen III Connectivity Matrix document for more information).

CKAS 3DOF motion platforms come standard with the following key features:

Fully Electric Actuation
USB plug and play (with Ethernet as option for completely platform/OS independant control)
Washout filters and acceleration onset cueing algorithms for:
Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX / ESP / Lockheed Martin Prepar3D
X-Plane 9/10
rFactor / rFactor2
Generic custom user program or other systems with full washout cueing, inverse kinematics, forward kinematics and full diagnostics on board the motion system
Configurable to be connected directly to X-Sim to support over 40 other popular games such as Dirt/Dirt2/Dirt3 F1 2010/2011/2012/2013/2014 and many more
Basic Serial over USB or optionally UDP (over Ethernet or Local) interface for immediate connection to custom software
Very high speed update 100Hz motion controller for extremely smooth high fidelity response

If an application is to have excellent performance at a very reasonable price, the CKAS “U” Series 3DOF motion systems are by far the best value alternatives on the market.
Standard units in the middle weight CKAS “U” Series 3DOF Motion Platform family:

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